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Un-clutter your inbox and
make shopping fun again.

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Manage your Promotional eMails
from multiple accounts!


Cure for the Clutter

By moving all Promotional Mail to TogaBOX, it can leave your main inbox looking all-business again.

Email, deals & coupons…all in one

Starting with your promotional emails, TogaBOX orders them based on your preferences and actions, constantly learning what you like and making recommendations.

Seamless on Mobile and at Home

Review emails while in line at Starbucks, park what you’re reviewing and resume back at home or at the office without missing a beat.

Collective Shopping

Share and see what your FB Friends are shopping for, and what deals they are finding.

Never miss another expired deal

Get a reminder when saved items are about to expire.

PromoMail Search Engine

Looking for the best deal but don’t want to subscribe to emails? Search, view, and save today’s email offers from over 3,000 merchants.

Why stand in line for deals…use TogaBOX

All of your promotional emails in the palm of your hand…and on your desktop. Free registration and download of our iOS app available now!

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"Applications like TogaBOX make it easier for brands to connect with our customers. Email messages sometimes become lost in the clutter of today's inbox, and tools like TogaBOX accelerate connections with our core audience."

− Phil Thompson, CTO-Fossil

"Email isn't dead, it simply hasn't evolved. TogaBOX is the next evolution...taking our marketing emails and mining for deals based on MY preferences."

− Eric Swayne, MutualMind

"Women who proactively look for the best discounts for themselves and their families will love TogaBOX. The fact that its mobile helps while people are IN the marketplace, and in the store or mall. Removing the clutter of my inbox is icing on the cupcake!"

− Laura Thornquist, MyDFWMommy

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